I’m an old-school fan of professional wrestling. I love the use of true in-ring psychology, such as working on a singular body part to wear down your opponent, and then having your opponent sell that injury for the duration of the match. For me, every match should begin with the standard collar-elbow tie-up, and move to the standing side headlock before pushing an opponent into the ropes to kick off the action. But that all being said, there’s nothing I love more than seeing some well-executed, old-fashioned power moves, like a tight, crisp suplex or power body slam. These high-risk, high-reward moves are visually appealing, tie back to classic amateur wrestling, and serve to differentiate the sport from its more striking-oriented cousins, boxing and mixed martial arts.

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“What If” Posts of Totally Random Speculation

What If? In 1993, Scott Steiner Stays in WCW and Turns Heel.
With his brother and tag-team partner on the shelf, Scott Steiner flirts with solo stardom and even begins to display a darker, more roughhouse style. Foreshadowing of the future? What if we had seen the man who would become Big Poppa Pump at his physical prime nearly five years ahead of schedule?