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When I Knew We Were Going to Lose

Most political ads barely even earn a second glance. The positive messages are a mixture of the same, old, tired tropes involving the American Dream: faith, family, and freedom. The negative ones opt for outrageous factoids and often feature a narrator with an outrageous voice asking outrageous questions. The brilliant comedy The Campaign lambasted both with equal humor and aplomb.

But this actual, real commercial of the 2016 election cycle, from current Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, hit me with such a raw punch in the gut that I knew the campaign was over as soon as I watched it.

Brutal. Visceral. Emotional. And indefensible. We all know the quotations from Donald Trump are taken out of context, and are often in retaliation for far-worse being said about him. Some lines were meant for comedy, a different time in a far different environment and media. It’s grossly unfair, but it hits the mark to the point that I can barely offer any resistance to it and just wince. Clinton, the megalomaniacal, win-at-any-costs sociopath, hit directly and hard with the dirtiest, most emotional ad since “Daisy” and the days of nuclear war. For her, this is total war, and no truth or narrative stone can be left unturned en route to victory. She won’t lose, and she cannot. No one will fact check her; the ad will run for the next month and Trump’s support with women will sink to record lows and all but ensure he has no path to the presidency.

For an average voter with conservative tendencies like me, and someone who considers himself to be a gentleman, I’m now faced with the choice of voting for all that I have stood against my entire political lifetime in Clinton, or to back a misogynist, fat-shaming disgusting pig of a human being who is fast and free with the most awful, crippling insults towards women.

Today’s the first day I considered maybe just staying home.

The Worst Wing

Perhaps the single-worst part of any United States political campaign season is when all of the awful, sneering, jock-sniffing Hollywood celebrities come out of the woodwork to endorse their favorite liberal candidates and concerns. They all spout the same, tired, hyperbolic rhetoric no matter who is running: the opposition is a dunce, a buffoon, a threat to the very existential fiber of civilization! It’s become so tiring, and coming from these rocket scientists, it’s no wonder that nearly half the electorate is turned off from their message and is in a state of open rebellion by supporting an anti-politically correct, controversial, outspoken nominee like Donald Trump.

Case in point, the cast of the West Wing have reunited, and they are out on the campaign trail for Hillary Clinton.

“There’s no question, this is absolutely the most qualified human being ever to run for President,” says [Bradley] Whitford, who played White House Deputy Chief of Staff Josh Lyman. “She has been a leader in terms of giving people access to health care. And in her children’s health insurance program, equal rights for women, LGBT rights – she has been fighting the good for fight for 45 years.”

Healthcare and LGBT issues! If that doesn’t set someone up as deserving of the highest office in the land I don’t know what does! Pay no attention to how much unsafer the world has become thanks to her poor decisions and policies as Secretary of State. It’s not as if Russia used her infamous reset button to invade and conquer a close ally (and one-time NATO treaty applicant). Or that an Islamist revolution in Libya led directly to the deaths of American lives and further emboldened terrorist organizations such as ISIS.

The West Wing Cast

Seriously, though, look at these unwashed old hippies. Does anyone care what they think?

It’s even more funny (or sad) because–while the show certainly garnered critical acclaim amongst the intelligentsia–it’s not as if the West Wing or its cast were ever really very popular. The show cracked the Top 10 (and barely, at #10) in one year, 2001. Otherwise, it usually labored in the low-20’s or mid-30’s, ranking behind all-time classics such as The Bachelor, Fear Factor, and My Big, Fat Obnoxious Fiancee.

Keep on spreading the good word, folks. Each time you open your mouths and sing Kumbaya, Ohio turns a little deeper shade of red.

Donald Trump Plays the Media Like the Fools They Are

Mainstream MediaIt’s truly amazing that we’ve come this far, hasn’t it? As I write this post in mid-September, Donald Trump — real-estate mogul, reality television superstar, Internet troll extraordinaire — actually has a fairly decent shot at winning this November’s election and becoming President of the United States.

It hasn’t been easy along the way. The candidate has often done all that he possibly can to wipe out his own chances of success with his quick temper and free-flowing mouth. And certainly the mainstream media and collective intelligentsia have done all that they possible can to defame and discount this historic run, alternating between referring to him as “pure evil,” telling tales of impending nuclear disaster, or playing it loose and fast with the facts behind what he says in general.

But, behind it all, they don’t realize one thing; every time they talk, every ounce of hyperbole directed his way, all it does is boost Trump’s chances. There is a giant undercurrent of loathing and hatred in this country for the media elites, and if they are ripping on someone with profound condescension, to that vast undercurrent of “deplorables“, they are reaffirming why Trump is different and worthy of their support.

Case in point, the “Birther” issue. With two terms and eight years completed, it’s a bit nonsensical that we are even wasting our time with the debate over whether or not current President Barack Hussein Obama was born in the United States and technically eligible for the office he holds. Also, mind you not that this entire conspiracy may have gotten it’s start back in the early days of Hillary Clinton’s 2008 run for president, or that Obama’s camp did the thing no favors by stalling for seeming years to address the issue convincingly and factually. No, because Donald Trump used to make mention of it years ago–as many of us did at the time–we have to dig deep into the Wayback Machine and use it as a hammer to bash him after the fact.

Take this tweet from the Associated Press, which I singled out back when it was sent:

I’m sure some copy writer or intern at the AP was very smugly satisfied with the language and construction of that tweet. From the “BREAKING” tag to the tone, it’s filled with elitist sarcasm and “of course it was obvious all along” undertones that are designed to make Trump appear to be a buffoon for being so behind the times.

But that’s not really how it played out on television, though. In reality, Trump used the opening of his new hotel in Washington, DC as an opportunity to appear, well, dare I say…presidential. He came out, definitively declared the issue over, stated the facts, and then closed with the brilliant line, “Hillary Clinton started it, I ended it.” BOOM. That is the line that will resonate with voters throughout the country when its all said and done. And by covering the issue with unbridled enthusiasm in anticipation of meltdown, instead the mainstream media provided a forum for Trump to have one of his best days ever. Like Butch said in Pulp Fiction, “this is how you are going to beat them; they keep underestimating you.”

Look, I’m only the most tepid of Donald Trump supporters personally. There’s a lot to be concerned about, from his fundamental knowledge of some issues to his lack of depth on others, a frightening combination of arrogance and willful ignorance. However, to borrow from another sage proverb, “the enemy of my enemy is my friend,” and if Trump is going to continue to make the media look like the biased, pseudo-intellectual fools that they are, I’m going to gleefully laugh and enjoy the ride with each and every incident.