I have always had massive issues getting a full and rest-filled night’s sleep.  My anxious and over-worked mind finds it nearly impossible to wind down in the evening, and when factoring in some pretty significant issues with loud snoring/sleep apnea, it’s no wonder I’m always tired and ready for a nap.

My worst sleep-related flaw, though, has to be snoozing.  I set my alarm clock on work days for 6am, but damned if I get out of bed before 7:15, usually with a massive rush to get showered/dressed to follow.

So, to combat this latter symptom, I asked for a Christmas gift from my folks: a helicopter alarm clock.  No, it’s not a giant transformer or shaped like a chopper.  It features an actual, working propeller that, when the alarm goes off, takes off and flies around the room until you physically get out of bed, track it down and stop it. Don’t believe me?  Here’s the video:

Eh, so it’s a work in progress that will likely wind up just crashing into the ceiling and hitting me in the head every morning.  But kudos to the designer for engineering a seemingly brilliant solution to an age-old problem.

Now can someone assist me with that night-time “Brain Power Off” button?