The events of History, in the form of the tragic terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001, forced him to play the role of a somber, wartime president, a role he was perhaps unsuited for but one in which he accepted and took up the challenge out of duty and love for his country. But the man that is George Walker Bush proves far more complex and nuanced with the shadow of the past behind us. Part everyman doofus capable of nearly choking to death on a pretzel, part renaissance man latter-day artiste, Bush seems like the kind of guy that would be a blast to hang out with and just shoot the shit. Funny, smart, and completely at ease in his own skin, it’s no wonder that, despite the questionable legacy his administration left behind, the man himself has grown in the public eye into someone people now grudgingly respect and perhaps even miss just a little bit.

George Bush Poncho

I guess what I’m saying is, after watching W. struggle to figure out how to properly operate a poncho at the inauguration of President Donald J. Trump, please don’t ever change man. Remain endlessly entertaining and true to yourself forever. You rock.