Bearded Ted Drinking LimoncelloHowdy and welcome to the latest iteration of I’m your humble host, you can call me Ted.

About This Site

I’ve owned this site since 2002, before they had this newfangled thing called “social media” or “blogs.” I thought to myself one day, “Self, wouldn’t it be awesome if you could write new content every day and then organize it in reverse-chronological order so the newest posts were always on top? Heck, you could even then tag the posts by topic, to make things easier to sort if you cover lots of things!” So, I fired up my preferred programming language of the time, Allaire’s Cold Fusion, and built a simple interface to write straight HTML posts that would be indexed and archived in a Microsoft Access database.

I’ve been a regular contributor on the Web on and off ever since. The sites and names have changed over the years, from this one here to Geek Soapbox to the Blog of TSL to Scenes From the Colosseum and more. The Content Management Systems that have powered the sites have also run the gamut of best practices at the time, from WordPress to Blogger to Squarespace to Tumblr to LiveJournal and back to WordPress. The content has always remained consistent, though–a nice little mix of what interests me personally, from news and politics to personal observations to professional wrestling. It’s never been about getting an audience, although I’m gratified you stopped along and encourage you to leave comments; I write as catharsis to quench and relax my soul. It’s my personal psychiatrist, my life archive, and more.

About Me

So, who am I? I’m Ted. Born and raised in Queens, New York, I now live near Charleston, South Carolina with my beautiful wife, two smart and hilarious stepchildren, two lazy fat dogs, and the newest joy in my life, my beautiful grandson. I’m somewhere in my 40s, a little older, a little fatter, a little more bearded, a little grayer, but also a lot more comfortable in my own skin and accepting of what life has graciously given me. Thanks for coming along on the journey. Check out my Philosophy page (coming soon) for more details on my particular worldview.

What I Do

Professionally, I am an accomplished digital marketing professional with particular expertise in social media, Web content management, and product ownership. Currently based within the financial services industry, I love to study the latest technology out there and see how it applies to real innovation in our electronic services and initiatives. I’m also proud of my track record on delivering, from automated portfolio management tools with $1 billion in assets under management to mobile apps that have been downloaded hundreds of thousands of times. Please check out my Career page for lots of good info on these successes and more!

Like I said, it’s been a fun and wild ride across the Internet over these past 15 years! Let’s see what new adventures are still ahead of us, shall we?