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Month: October 2016

Profound Dank Meme of the Day

Scary if it wasn’t so true. And yet, surreally and prophetically self-referential. It’s like the infinite recursion of dank memes.


Stolen shamelessly from “Unemployed Professors” on Instagram.

When I Knew We Were Going to Lose

Most political ads barely even earn a second glance. The positive messages are a mixture of the same, old, tired tropes involving the American Dream: faith, family, and freedom. The negative ones opt for outrageous factoids and often feature a narrator with an outrageous voice asking outrageous questions. The brilliant comedy The Campaign lambasted both with equal humor and aplomb.

But this actual, real commercial of the 2016 election cycle, from current Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, hit me with such a raw punch in the gut that I knew the campaign was over as soon as I watched it.

Brutal. Visceral. Emotional. And indefensible. We all know the quotations from Donald Trump are taken out of context, and are often in retaliation for far-worse being said about him. Some lines were meant for comedy, a different time in a far different environment and media. It’s grossly unfair, but it hits the mark to the point that I can barely offer any resistance to it and just wince. Clinton, the megalomaniacal, win-at-any-costs sociopath, hit directly and hard with the dirtiest, most emotional ad since “Daisy” and the days of nuclear war. For her, this is total war, and no truth or narrative stone can be left unturned en route to victory. She won’t lose, and she cannot. No one will fact check her; the ad will run for the next month and Trump’s support with women will sink to record lows and all but ensure he has no path to the presidency.

For an average voter with conservative tendencies like me, and someone who considers himself to be a gentleman, I’m now faced with the choice of voting for all that I have stood against my entire political lifetime in Clinton, or to back a misogynist, fat-shaming disgusting pig of a human being who is fast and free with the most awful, crippling insults towards women.

Today’s the first day I considered maybe just staying home.

What Is Your Personal DNA?

RETRO REPOST: I took this test originally back in 2006, and amazingly it’s still on the web today, in a greatly expanded form featuring mobile apps, social media widgets, and all of that good tech stuff.

Considerate Idealist

Here are the complete results. There aren’t any major surprises. I value my close friends, am quiet in larger social or professional settings. I have high confidence in my own abilities, but sometimes the world acts in ways counter to my progress. That seems fair.